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It’s the end of January.  Valentine’s Day is 2 weeks away.  Restaurants have been booked for months, and you’re not a super overly prepared person so you have zero plans.  You’re freaking out thinking of things to do, but come up blank.  Best idea you have is that flowers seems like when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you have to have a plan in September or somebody else already took your idea.


Well, you’re in luck!  Here are some “last minute” Valentine’s day ideas to help you impress your significant other during the holiday!  From cheap to far away, you should be able to find something that suits your fancy.


Takeout + Airplane Views

Casual romantic night your style?  Just grab some Sushi, Chinese, or some amazing Pizza and head on over to the airport lookout.  Watch airplanes take off and land at the downtown Greenville Airport overlook. (You can even listen to that song "Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allen, if you're into that kinda stuff)

Directions to the look out here.  Just get to the intersection of Piper Ln and Lowndes Hill Rd.  It’s fairly hard to miss.


Waffle House Valentines Special

So certain Waffle House’s go all out on Valentine’s Day.  Hearts everywhere.  Pink lights.  Some let you bring your own candles (it’s happened before).  And a romantic waffle while sharing a glass of chocolate milk with two straws.  Click here to check out which WaHo’s participate.


Strossner’s Valentine’s Day Cake

Feel like staying in and getting your sweet-tooth on or just wrapping up dinner on a high note?  This famous bakery cooks up some extra romantic cakes for V Day.  Nothing shows someone that you love them like eating 2lbs of cake with them.  That's passion.  Find your favorite here.


Valentine’s Day Improv

Best form of love is laughter?  Well, here ya go.   A special improv night for Valentine’s Day right downtown.  Presented from the Alchemy Comedy Theater at Coffee Underground.  Cost $12 and from 7:30 – 8:45.  If you’re feeling guilty about all that food and wine you just had, I heard laughing is the best ab workout.  Get tickets right here.


Taking a Little Trip

Escape the same city you’re in every day and go somewhere new.  How about these two Valentine’s Day events that’ll really be fun.  

First: Unwine and Dine.  Hosted by Monarch Café and Fresh Food Store in Spartanburg.  Have some fun by making your own entrée while the chefs cook up some apps and serve signature drinks and wine.  That’s a good night.  Check it out here.

Second: Oskar Blue’s Beer Dinner for Couples.  This is a no brainer.  Sounds like the best night ever.  Hosted by Oskar Blue’s in Brevard, NC.  Enjoy a 5 course meal with expert beer pairing for each one.  $130 from 6pm – 9pm.  Link to buy tickets here.  You might actually want to get a hotel or something afterwards (don't drink and drive).  You can check those out here.

Brad Ledford