The GVL Trivia/Bingo Guide

We've all been there.  It's a Tuesday, you wanna go out and do something fun with your life.  You wanna play trivia, but you can't remember if Dive N' Boar is still a restaurant or not, or if The Southern Growl does it on Wednesday or Thursday.  Honestly, I bet you didn't even know that bingo was a normal thing going on.  Well BAM.  Here ya go.  Every Trivia/Bingo in GVL just waiting for you to come in 3rd place again, so go out to the real world and stop watching Titanic at home.  Also, if you'd like a friend to go with you to any of these, HITMEUP.


P.S. I am not good at trivia.



Upstate Craft Beer Co.

- Bingo every TUESDAY from 6:30PM - 8:30PM.
- Best Part: $2 off any house beer.  Also, they brew their own house beer.  That's cool.  You know it is.



Pour Taproom

- Music Bingo every WEDNESDAY at 7:30PM.
- Best Part: Those fancy wristbands that give you access to pouring your own beer like you're suddenly important like that one time Bill Murray decided to be a bartender.

Grateful Brew

Pleasantburg Rd.
- Bingo every WEDNESDAY from 7PM - 8:30PM.
- Best Part: This place is awesome.  Done.  Flashback to the 70s.




Wild Wing Cafe

- Trivia every MONDAY at 7PM.
- Best Part: Wings, duh.


- Trivia every MONDAY at 7pm.
- Best Part: $3 drinks.  That means margaritas, man.




- Trivia every Tuesday from 8pm - 11pm
- Best part: The price is 500 bucks in cash.........that's legendary.  CASH.


- Trivia every TUESDAY at 7PM.
- Best Part:  Taco Tuesday baby!  $2.5 tacos all day.  Seriously, get there early.  People like tacos.

Pour Tap Room

- Trivia every TUESDAY from 7PM - 9PM.
- Best Part: Have you been here?  You get to just pour your own beer.  As much as you want.  ANY OF THEM!

The Flat

Woodruff Rd (the not so bad side of Woodruff Rd)
- Trivia every TUESDAY at 7PM.
- Best Part: I've played here twice, got last place, and still won a round of free drinks.

Universal Joint

Stone Ave. (Right outside of downtown)
- Trivia every TUESDAY from 8PM - 10PM.
- Best Part: Two words: The Steinbeck.  Go here and order this ASAP.

Growler Haus

There's a couple of these bad boys so get your locations straight before flying off to the wrong one.
- West GVL: Trivia every TUESDAY at 7PM.
- Fountain Inn: Trivia every WEDNESDAY at 7PM.
- Best Part: Straight up good beer, chill scene, and couches.  Yup.  Couches.



Quest Brewing

By the downtown airport off Haywood Rd.
- Trivia every WEDNESDAY at 7PM.
- Best Part:  Food trucks most nights, they also brew some awesome beer sooo....that's obvious.

The Southern Growl

- Trivia every WEDNESDAY at 7PM.
- Best Part: 60 (SIXTY!) constantly rotating drafts of some dank beer.  Recently added a very anticipated food aspect to the mix to put The Southern Growl above and beyond.  


Lauren's Rd
- Trivia every WEDNESDAY from 7:30PM - 10:30PM.
- Best Part: Well, chances are you haven't been here, so I'd say that's a pretty good reason to go.

City Tavern

- Trivia every WEDNESDAY at 8PM.
- Best Part: Alcoholic Slushies??



Swamp Rabbit Brewery

Traveler's Rest
- Trivia every THURSDAY from 6:30PM - 8:30PM.
- Best Part: Brewed in house, awesome tasting beer.  Just bike down the Swamp Rabbit Trail to play trivia.  Boom.  Best date night ever.


Brad Ledford