First Steps for Future Homeowners

Early Steps to Buying a House


So you wanna buy a house, huh?  Well that's awesome!  That's a huge step in your life that you're probably really excited/a little nervous about.  Fantastic, what?  You don't know what to do next, do you?  Well conveniently for you, some of those next steps are written out below for your viewing pleasure.  These are the first things you should do if you're thinking you want to buy a house.  They might seem simple, but doing them in this order will make the whole process about 20x smoother for you.


Talk to a lender

I know, I know.  Everyone you talk to says, “you need to talk to a lender” and the thought of calling up a bank and saying “I want to buy a house, what do I do?” makes you sick.  You’d rather live in a shed forever than call a business and go through the process.  I get it.  I felt that way before I knew how things work.  

Honestly, a fair number of lenders you can call are just going to start putting you through the process without you knowing what’s going on, BUT there is GOOD NEWS.  A number of local lenders I recommend would love to just talk to you, see where you’re at right now, and give you advice on what you need to do to get where you want to go.  Maybe you’re in a great spot right now, which is great!  Maybe you need to improve your credit to ___ and get 800 more bucks in your account to get the house you want.  No matter what, they're going to treat you like family.  Basically, they give you a financial plan so you can be sure of what you need to do and that it's in your best interest.  Which is a good feeling.  Plus it’s usually free (always a plus).

You usually want to do this first so you know your budget before you start shopping.  You’re not going to go try to buy a Ferrari before you check your bank account to realize you can only afford a ’97 Ford Taurus.  Same thing on the flip side.  If you buy a ’97 Ford Taurus then find out you can easily afford a Ferrari, you’re going to feel pretty bummed.

If you need some suggestions of who to talk to, I got you.  (They’re very nice and won’t harass you.)


Figure Out What You Want

This sections is kind of like, the more knowledge the better.  It’s basically like sitting down and making a list of all the stuff you want in your house (most people love this step).  Try to keep it in your budget though.  If your budget is $150k and you want 14 bedrooms……

Figure out where you want to live.  You may be thinking, “that’s your job.”  Nope.  There are a lot of places out there in the world, and we might now agree on the coolest of them.  So, I would recommend driving around, going in neighborhoods, mapping out where the best spots to hangout are, schools you want your kids to go to, etc.  Might want to stay away from limiting yourself too much though.  If you only want one neighborhood and it has 14 houses total in it, there might be some delay in getting you one of those houses.  Planning out where you want will help your agent find some houses in those areas.

Figure out what you want.  Do you want 2 beds? 3 beds?  A porch?  Open floor plan?  Sometimes you have no clue until you look in some houses and see what you love and what you hate.  That's ok!  So having as much knowledge as possible about this is key, but you don’t have to know everything right off the bat.



Talk to a Buyer's Agent

You’re probably feeling the same way you did about the lender earlier, and I get it.  But, wait! More GOOD NEWS is that the good agents aren’t trying to pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.  They’re just trying to teach you about the process and how things work, because nobody teaches you this stuff in school.  If you decide it’s your time to buy a house, great!  Let’s get to work getting you in a house.  If not, great!  We can work together to see what’s the best option for you.  Maybe you just need help making a plan for when you want to buy in the future, and that's awesome!  Let's do it together.

I’ve written a whole other blog on what a Buyer's Agent is and the advantages, so if you’re totally lost right now, go here.

(If you need some suggestions of agents to talk to, I got you.  Spoiler:  if it’s in Greenville, the first one is going to be me.)


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